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Even the web pollutes

If the web were a nation, it would be the 4th largest country in the world in terms of CO2 emissions. Our vision is to make the digital world more sustainable and responsible, together.

What the data says

How does Karma Metrix work?

Karma Metrix is the benchmark standard for certifying the CO2e emissions of websites, with over 200,000 pages already analyzed. Discover digital sustainability.


1. Measure

Monitor the CO2e emissions of your website’s pages thanks to our patented algorithm, aligned with the main ESG standards

2. Certify

Obtain the Karma Metrix seal, which certifies the measurement results and your company’s commitment

3. Improve

Reduce your website’s impact: we assist you in identifying the energy efficiency areas of your website

4. Communicate

Drive innovation, inspire the market, and position yourself as a benchmark and leader in digital sustainability
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Our testimonials

Leonardo Cesarini
Leonardo Cesarini, Chief Commercial Officer of Trenord

We have shifted focus to another increasingly important issue: the sustainability of the web. This aspect, which is too often overlooked today, cannot be forgotten.

Marco Sammaria, Head of Digital Design & Intelligence di UnipolSai

We wanted to adopt a sustainable approach and design a website that was efficient, lightweight, and low in energy consumption. This was made possible thanks to our collaboration with Karma Metrix.

manuela calabrese
Manuela Calabrese, Team Sostenibilità RCS MediaGroup

We decided to embark on a measurement journey to realize how significant the impact of emissions from the web can be, and thus we initiated the digital sustainability path Karma Metrix for our two main websites: corriere.it and gazzetta.it.

gazzetta e corriere
Mario Andreoli
Mario Andreoli, General Manager di Elanco Italia

La comunicazione digitale, come ogni altro aspetto del business, va gestita in modo consapevole e Digital communication, like every other aspect of business, needs to be managed with awareness and attention to the impact it generates. We are proud to see that the journey undertaken with Karma Metrix has borne fruit, making our My Pet and Me web portal more efficient.


Digital Sustainhubility

Dive deeper into the world of digital sustainability

In the Media


As fashion continues conversations and makes initiatives like the one Valentino and Karma Metrix has on internet pollution, the world will see more inroads on detailed issues like the sustainable web, which are a part of the larger conversation of sustainability.

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The implementation of the Karma Metrix tool reflects the luxury brand’s commitment to an eco-minded and responsibly minded business model.

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Launched by an Italian search marketing and artificial intelligence company, Karma Metrix allows quantifying the CO2 emissions produced by websites.

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To assist companies and everyday users, Karma Metrix was developed, an algorithm based on artificial intelligence that quantifies the “ecological performance” of one or more web pages.

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Many companies looking to merge environmental awareness with the digital realm have incorporated the “Karma result” into their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) indicators and in their annual corporate sustainability report (CSR)

The actions undertaken in terms of sustainability start with measuring the CO2 emissions of their websites, move on to improving the environmental impact of the entire digital ecosystem, and continue with periodic monitoring actions through the KarmaMetrix system. This is an algorithm based on artificial intelligence capable of quantifying and certifying the energy efficiency of an entire website by evaluating it against the global median.

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The biggest mistake one can make is to consider digital activity free from producing emissions and, consequently, to overlook the fact that it needs to be monitored and optimized.

[…] Hence, the idea behind Karma Metrix to make digital more sustainable and responsible.

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