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Karma Metrix

what is it?

The first tool that calculates the CO2 produced by a website.

The innovative algorithm of measures energy consumption and CO2 emissions of web pages. From 2020, alongside the best green companies.

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Why Karma Metrix?

Get a eco-sustainable website

Every website consumes energy and emits CO2. Make your online presence more eco-friendly.

Save energy

Optimizing the energy efficiency of your website will allow you to use less energy on server and client side.

Improve user experience

The energetic optimization of a website makes navigation faster for end users.

Increase visibility on Google

All other factors being equal, we have evidence that Google algorithm places the most energy-efficient pages higher in search results.

How it works

  • Calculates CO2 Kg emitted
  • Compare with a global benchmark
Measure your CO2
  • decrease the environmental impact of your site
  • increases energy efficiency

Parlano di noi

Karma in the press

Launched by an Italian search marketing and artificial intelligence company, Karma Metrix allows you to quantify the CO2 emissions produced by websites

To understand how much a website pollutes, launched the Karma Metrix project, a set of metrics and tools for measuring the energy efficiency of websites

The Karma Metrix tool, an algorithm based on artificial intelligence, quantifies the ecological performance of one or more web pages, weighing dozens of site efficiency factors with respect to the world median.

The virtuous circle of Karma Metrix is this: if we create more efficient and eco-sustainable web pages, we consume less energy and therefore we produce less CO2

Karma Metrix was created to help companies and common users to quantify the "ecological performance" of one or more web pages

Karma Metrix is an innovative algorithm with an artificial intelligence heart that aims to measure the eco-sustainability of websites and help reduce their impact on the environment.

Many companies that want to combine attention to the environment with digital have included the "Karma result" in the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) indicators and in the annual corporate sustainability report (CSR).

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