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What is Karma Metrix?
Why do I need to measure the environmental impact of my website?
How does Karma Metrix work?
How does the CO2 Karma Test DEMO work?
What is the difference between the full measurement and the DEMO?
Do I need to install any tool on the website to allow Karma Metrix measurement?
Do the measurment use any AI component?
Is the algorithm able to access any customer related information or any analytics data?
What are the calculation factors of Karma Metrix?
How is the world median calculated?
What is the Karma Metrix seal?
Error message when scanning a website with the Karma Metrix DEMO: which are the causes?
Is Karma Metrix measurement valid even if my website uses renewable energy servers?
Do you also measure server emissions directly?
How much does the consumption of the server affect the CO2 emissions of a website?
Which companies completed the measurement?
What is the “Karma CO2 Audit” energy optimization service?
Does energy optimization change design and UX?
I used your demo and it turns out that my website has a good result. How can I obtain the seal?

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