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The Karma Metrix assessment:

measure your website’s emissions

Certificazione Karma Metrix

Innovation and sustainability: our patented algorithm

Karma Metrix is innovation in the field of digital sustainability. Our algorithm is designed to analyze and quantify the environmental impact of your website, converting energy consumption into CO₂e emissions.

To date, we are the only web emissions measurement in Europe that has been awarded a patent.

Misurazione Karma Metrix

What do we measure? Here are some examples

Our analysis covers a wide range of parameters to ensure a comprehensive assessment. Among these we have:

– Energy consumption and resource optimization.
– Efficiency in page loading.
– Ways of using multimedia content.
– Impact of hosting and infrastructure choices.
– Impact on end-user device power consumption.

Standard di rendicontazione

We are aligned with reporting standards

Our methodology takes into account the geographical location of users and the type of energy used, providing an accurate estimate in terms of CO2 equivalent (CO₂e) emissions. This measurement is aligned with major environmental reporting standards, such as GRI 305 and the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.

The Karma Metrix Seal:
a symbol of responsibility

Upon completion of the assessment, we issue the Karma Metrix seal.

This recognition is not just a badge, but a statement of your commitment

to a more sustainable web.

There are two types of seals and each is issued with a unique ID.

Find the full list of issued seals in our directory.

Sigillo CO2 Verified website

Seal “CO₂e Verified Website”

This seal represents the company’s commitment to measuring its digital emissions and belief in its goal of reducing emissions from its website. It is a recognition of its adoption of sustainable practices and ongoing commitment to improvement.

Sigillo Energy efficient website

Seal “Energy Efficient Website”

This seal attests to the website’s alignment with Karma Metrix’s energy efficiency standards. It is a demonstration of your concrete contribution to creating a more sustainable Internet.

How to use the Karma Metrix seal

The seal, with annual duration, can be used for:

  • Communication on your website (dedicated content, footer);
  • Sustainability report, thanks to the alignment of measurement with the main reporting standards;
  • Social media, press releases, press releases;
  • Any other form of communication.

Join us for a sustainable digital future

With Karma Metrix, your website is not only a showcase for your business, but also an example of sustainability in the digital world. Find out how we can help you reduce your website’s environmental footprint and adopt more sustainable practices.

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