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We are creating a better digital world

We are the 1st entity in Europe to bring digital sustainability to businesses: we measure, certify, and improve the environmental impact of websites

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Why did we found Karma Metrix?

We were born to raise awareness about the impact of digital activities and promote more sustainable models that prioritize the environment, human beings, and their online activities.


We commit ourselves to educate, inform, and collaborate towards responsible digitalization, with curiosity, transparency, and pragmatism as our foundation.


Our mission goes beyond just creating a business tool. We aim to be the benchmark in discussions about digital sustainability.

The goals that guide us

obiettivo 4 agenda 2030
obiettivo 12 agenda 2030
obiettivo 13 agenda 2030
Obiettivo n. 17 - Agenda 2030

Making the digital world more sustainable and responsible.

Our Vision

Karma Metrix by the Numbers

patented solution in Europe


CO₂e saved in 2023


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What we believe in

Digital Responsibility: we are committed to promoting responsible use of digital technologies.
Awareness and Training: we foster digital awareness and dedicate ourselves to training to enable informed choices.
Positive Contribution: we believe that digital can be a positive force for progress and global well-being.

Our Values

The principles that guide us and we strive to uphold in our work every day


  • I act with honesty, fairness, and integrity both as an individual and as a representative of the company;
  • I engage with everyone in a collaborative and transparent manner;
  • I treat every person with respect, regardless of their position, and without prejudice.


  • I contribute to creating a collaborative work environment with colleagues, partners, and clients;
  • I share knowledge that can be useful to others;
  • I exhibit positivity, seeking to motivate and stimulate the work environment.


  • I act to achieve the best for the team, the company, and the environment, as well as for myself;
  • I uphold the company’s values;
  • I work to create a more inclusive and sustainable digital world.

Making a difference

  • I adopt responsible behaviors for positive and tangible change;
  • I educate and raise awareness about environmental and social issues related to digital;
  • I work to provide the best solution and to perfect what we do.

If you share the values of our project, we can accomplish many things together.

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Our team

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Jessica Besana

Administration & Taxes Specialist

Stefano Branduardi

General Manager Italy

Alessia Carpentone

Marketing Specialist

Alessandro Fabbro

Operations Manager

Fabio Mecarone

Marketing & Sustainability Manager

Max Mura

Research & Development

Elena Salviato

Sales Manager

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