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Karma Metrix is the 1st digital sustainability journey, chosen by top brands, that measures, compares and improves the environmental impact of a website

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How Karma Metrix works

1. Measure

The measurement uses an innovative, patented algorithm, that considers many «on-page» elements on web pages affecting energy efficiency

2. Certify

Together with the emissions measurement the Karma Metrix Seal is released, which certifies the result and attests to the commitment made by the company. Our measurement is aligned with the main standards such as the GHG Protocol and GRI 305 Emissions.

3. Improve

Reduce the impact of your website: we support you in identifying the areas of energy efficiency of your website, also providing you with indications to make your site more sustainable. In the first 4 months, our clients, on average, achieve a 31% reduction in CO2e emissions caused by their website.

4. Communicate

Include your web emissions in your ESG report, communicate your digital sustainability journey, become a leader, and inspire others to contribute to making the web more sustainable.

Why Karma Metrix

  • Measurement with innovative and patented algorithm
  • Certification of CO2e emissions measurement of your website
  • Indipendent: we do not belong to web development agencies
  • Traceability: certified clients are present in our database and publicly verifiable
  • Authoritative sources: we refer to the main standards (GRI 305 Emissions, GHG Protocol) and to internationally credible organizations (UN SDGs, IEA, EEA)


Reduce your website emissions by over 35%

100% compatible with carbon neutrality goals

Account in your sustainability report and improve your ESG ratings

Reduce your cloud costs by up to 10%

Reach more prospect with increased media coverage

Improve user experience with a faster and more performant website

Are you ready to take action?

Contact us without obligation, and we will explain how you too can join the companies that have already chosen to embark on a path of digital sustainability.

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Sustainability partnership on a global level! Karma Metrix is a partner of Connect4Climate, the World Bank Group’s brand that works on eco-sustainability projects worldwide.

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