The achievements of Regione Lombardia

Regione Lombardia has reported a 58% reduction in emissions on its website through the use of Karma Metrix.

The Region distinguishes itself as the first public entity to integrate digital sustainability into its technological transition, leading an entirely unprecedented project in the public sector.

Il percorso inizia dalla misurazione delle emissioni di CO2 dei siti web, per poi passare al miglioramento dell’impatto ambientale dell’intero ecosistema digitale e ad azioni di monitoraggio.

Do digital pollutes?

Digital activity significantly contributes to global pollution, with the internet, if considered a country, being the fourth-largest emitter of CO2 worldwide, accounting for about 3.7% of total global emissions (with estimates ranging from 1.4% to 5.9%), which is approximately twice as much as air travel (about 2%).

This is due to the inefficient methods used to build websites and the fossil fuels used to power the entire digital ecosystem, including servers, network infrastructure, and data center cooling systems.

In particolare, l’impatto energetico di un sito web dipende dal numero di dispositivi che si collegano ad esso e dal consumo di energia di ogni singolo smartphone, tablet o PC utilizzato per visualizzare la pagina web. In sostanza, quanto più dati di navigazione sono richiesti, tanto più elevato sarà l’impatto energetico del sito.

In this context, Regione Lombardia has undertaken a digital sustainability project for its 51 websites, which receive over 52 million visits annually (data from 2022). The objective is to reduce CO2 emissions and minimize the environmental impact of institutional websites.

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