We are pleased to announce that Havas PR, a leading corporate reputation agency, has signed a partnership with Karma Metrix, a collaboration which aims to support companies in adopting sustainable communication choices.

The strategic innovation of HavasPR

HavasPR is an international corporate reputation and communications agency, part of Red Havas, which offers services related to strategic consultancy, public relations, sustainability and consultancy, brand activism and content production services. Founded in 1998, it’s one of the largest creative networks in the world, currently present in over 100 countries.

HavasPR deals with building and managing the reputation of companies, organizations and institutions through a purpose-driven approach, which aims to develop the company’s values and mission towards all stakeholders in a coherent and strategic way: that’s why sustainability is a key asset for the agency, which also provides concrete and functional tools for communicating and adopting the ESG commitment. An effective strategy which today finds new perspectives and opportunities thanks to the partnership with Karma Metrix.

The partnership with Karma Metrix

In 2023 it is no longer possible to ignore the environmental impact of the digital world, which today exceeds the pollution levels of global air traffic.

For this reason, today Digital Sustainability is a key tool in the field of ecological transition, thus becoming a useful and effective strategy to reduce immediately a business’ environmental impact.

An opportunity that HavasPR was able to seize, thus deciding to sign a partnership with Karma Metrix, in order to study new Digital Sustainability strategies for its customers.

These strategies were established by Karma Metrix and HavasPR with a well-defined path: first of all, the assessment of the environmental impact of web platforms to understand the strengths and weaknesses, and then move on to adopting strategies to reduce energy consumption.

In fact, in the field of environmental consultancy, Digital Sustainability tools are among the most necessary, effective and of immediate application, to allow companies to reduce their energy consumption, consequently minimizing their CO2 emissions.

A specific focus of the partnership will focus on the digital properties of companies, thanks to the implementation of a service for measuring, improving and monitoring the carbon footprint of the website which will be able to leverage the proprietary algorithm of Karma Metrix and the Group’s internal skills Havas, also in the field of ethical design.

What is digital sustainability

Digital technologies are increasing in our daily lives and in our work, and play a key role in determining the development of the market and society. However, these technologies also bear environmental and social costs that cannot be ignored.

The energy consumption of digital devices, servers and data centers is constantly increasing and contributes to CO2 emissions and global warming. For this reason, Karma Metrix has developed a Digital Sustainability path to measure and reduce the environmental impact of websites. Do you want to know immediately how much your digital platform pollutes? Try our demo!

Karma Metrix is the 1st digital sustainability path chosen by major brands that measures, compares and improves the environmental impact of a website.