For some years now, Google has given users the option of using a dark mode for the homepage of its popular search engine. On 10th February 2022, Google has announced the launch of an even darker version. Let’s see why the Search Engine took this decision.

What is Google Dark Mode

Google “Dark Mode” is a feature available both on desktop and mobile that allows you to visualize your homepage, toolbar, settings, and some other pages in a black screen.

To enable the Dark Mode you just need to click on browser settings on the Google Homepage and select the Dark Theme. The results will be like this:

What is the purpose of dark mode?

The purpose of the dark mode is to reduce the light emitted by the screen. This is not just for aesthetic reasons but mainly for reducing energy consumption of our electronic devices.

Moreover, dark mode helps the battery of phones: Google has confirmed that using a lower brightness of the screen can save energy.

It is also interesting to know that according to some statistics, some users prefer it because it reduces eyestrain and makes it easier to use the screen in dark environments.

How does dark mode reduce energy consumption?

Bright colours use all the various components of the display to glow, and therefore they use more energy.
With the dark mode instead, pixels are turned off, which results in less energy consumption and longer battery life.

Tests have shown that at a brightness level of 30%-50%, the energy saved in Dark Mode is 3%-9%, but the values increase exponentially the closer you get to 100% brightness.

Therefore, by reducing energy consumption we could help minimize damage to the environment: a simple click for you, a big result for the planet.

Dark Mode on Karma Metrix

Do you know that you can also use dark mode on our website? You can activate it in two ways:

1.Go to our homepage and click on the dedicated button. You will switch from this:

…To this:

2. Navigate on the main menu an find the settings:

Are you ready to come to the “Dark Side”?

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