The first company in the Animal Health sector to embark on a digital sustainability journey with Karma Metrix.

Analysed website: mypetandme.elanco.com


Elanco has created the My Pet and Me portal with the intention of providing dog and cat owners with an authoritative point of reference, offering free access to hundreds of tips for pet care. Communication through digital channels plays a crucial role in disseminating information and driving growth. However, like every other aspect of the business, it needs to be managed consciously and with careful consideration of the impact it generates. Hence, Elanco’s objective is to extend the company’s commitment to digital sustainability.


Elanco, one of the early adopters of the Karma Metrix project, conducted its initial measurement on the mypetandme.elanco.com website in 2021. Since then, Elanco has embarked on a digital sustainability journey, starting with a website redesign in 2022 and subsequently implementing an optimization process with the guidance and support of Karma Metrix, commencing in January 2023.



CO2e emissions per page view compared to the global median


CO2e emissions per page view compared to the measurement taken in December 2022


Total CO2e emissions from the analyzed page views compared to December 2022

“Managing digital communication, like any other aspect of the business, needs to be done consciously and with careful consideration of the impact it generates. We take pride in seeing that the journey we embarked on with Karma Metrix has yielded results, making our My Pet and Me website more efficient.

– Mario Andreoli, General Manager of Elanco Italia

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