The leading eco-friendly public transport company is also focusing on digital sustainability

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Trenord is aware that the operation of digital tools is characterized by a significant energy demand that can indirectly contribute to emissions and thus impact climate change. For this reason, the company has decided to complement its commitment to improving mobility and making it more sustainable with a journey towards digital sustainability, aiming to make its digital services more environmentally friendly as well.


Trenord, which embraced the Karma Metrix journey since 2021, continues to monitor its website regularly. Following the initial measurement, continuous efforts have been made to improve energy efficiency by implementing Karma Metrix’s recommendations within their website maintenance activities.


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Total CO2e emissions from the analyzed page views compared to March 2022


CO2e emissions per page view compared to the measurement taken in October 2022


CO2e emissions per page view compared to the measurement taken in March 2022

Leonardo Cesarini

We have shifted our attention to another increasingly important aspect, that of web sustainability. This aspect, often overlooked today, cannot be forgotten. We are proud to be the first sizable Italian transport company to have joined this virtuous project: it is a piece of a much larger puzzle with the goal of making our company greener and more environmentally friendly.

– Leonardo Cesarini, Chief Commercial Officer of Trenord

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