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The leading Italian company in the insurance sector embraces sustainability and innovation with Karma Metrix

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Aware of the significant and growing impacts of the internet on greenhouse gas emissions, the Unipol Group decided in 2021 to initiate a project aimed at measuring the environmental impact of its websites and increasing their energy efficiency to reduce CO2 emissions associated with web usage


The project, conducted with the support of Karma Metrix, initially focused on the commercial website of UnipolSai ( In addition to interventions aimed at reducing emissions, the project has allowed the identification of best practices that can be applied to the design of other websites and apps within the Group, within the context of the increasing digitalization of customer communication processes.



Energy class improvement on Smartphone segment pages compared to October 2022

Ranked at the Italy Insurance Forum Awards 2023 in the “Best ESG Project” category

Ranked at the Innovation in Insurance Awards 2023 in the “Social, Sustainable & Responsible” category

Marco Sammaria

“We believe that even our digital actions can make a difference in safeguarding our planet and our future. That’s why we have embraced a sustainable approach and designed a website that is efficient, lightweight, and energy-efficient, utilizing advanced development technologies and techniques such as file compression, image optimization, and the use of clean and semantic code.

This achievement was made possible through our collaboration with Karma Metrix, the 1st digital sustainability path chosen by leading brands, which measures, compares, and improves the environmental impact of a website.”

– Marco Sammaria, Head of Digital Design & Intelligence of UnipolSai

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