May 25, 2023


Data from the 2nd ESG Big Tech Observatory by Karma Metrix: the energy consumption of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft has also increased by 209.5% in the last 4 years.

Milan, May 23, 2023 – Five major technology companies have emitted more CO2e than Belgium and Romania. This is revealed by the 2nd edition of the ESG Big Tech Observatory, in which Karma Metrix analyzed the sustainability reports published by Amazon, Google, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft in the last four years.

Together, these 5 companies consumed energy equivalent to 75.6 million MWh, which is more than countries like Austria, Algeria, and Venezuela. 

The data shows that in the past year, the 5 technology giants emitted 125.9 million tonnes of CO2e, more than the entire Belgium (125.4), with a total increase in emissions of 30.8% from 2018 to 2021. 

It emerges that all 5 technology giants are making significant efforts to improve their sustainability, reduce their carbon footprint and address climate change. Among the most popular initiatives is the continuous seeking of energy efficiency in data centers. It should be noted that a website produces emissions both due to inefficient methods of creating web pages and the fossil fuels that power data centers and end-user devices. 

 co2 emissions

The complete version of the ESG Big Tech Observatory 2023 can be downloaded from the Karma Metrix website.

“To combat climate change, we need to save energy and reduce CO2e emissions even from digital activities. With 60% of users unaware that internet usage generates emissions,” comments Ale Agostini, CEO of Karma Metrix, “we have a moral duty to increase awareness by measuring the impact of the digital world. This is the idea behind the ESG Big Tech Observatory. The Big Tech can and must do more to reduce their carbon footprint, making companies and users more aware that even the internet contributes to pollution. The climate crisis is advancing rapidly, and everyone must do their part from now on.”.

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