December 21, 2022

Elanco brings digital sustainability to the Animal Health market with Karma Metrix

Elanco, with the restyling of the My Pet and Me portal, is the first company in the animal health sector to start a digital sustainability journey

Milan, 20 December 2022 – Elanco chooses Karma Metrix, the innovative digital sustainability journey that measures and reduces the environmental impact of websites, for the restyling of its My Pet and Me website. It is the first time in the world of animal health that a company has decided to make a concrete commitment with the eco-sustainability of one of its websites.

Even if few people know it, digital has an impact on the environment: according to the Global Carbon Project, if the web were a Nation, it would be the 4th in the world for CO2 emissions. Among the triggering factors are the inefficiency of websites, the large amount of energy needed by data centers and the fact that this energy is still mainly produced from fossil fuels.

We created the My Pet and Me portal with the intention of providing dog and cat owners with an authoritative point of reference, giving them free access to hundreds of tips for taking care of their pets. We believe that communication on digital channels is a a driving force but, like any other aspect of the business, it must be managed in a conscious and responsible way, reducing the impact it generates” explains Mario Andreoli, General Manager of Elanco Italia

We are pleased that Elanco, through My Pet and Me, the first Animal Health website in Italy, has decided to raise awareness of the issue of digital sustainability among an audience that already cares about Nature” says Ale Agostini, founder of Karma Metrix: “Sustainability fortunately is a well known issue, but there is still a long way to go on awareness of the environmental impact of the Internet

In fact, the journey aims to promote a basic concept: the creation and development of websites can and must be designed and implemented also considering sustainability, as a factor in the fight against climate change.

Karma Metrix is ​​the 1st digital sustainability journey, chosen by top brands, that measures, compares and improves the environmental impact of a website. The measurement uses an innovative, patented algorithm, that considers many «on-page» elements on web pages affecting energy efficiency. Every analyzed page is compared with a benchmark. Improvements come after the identification of energy efficiency areas on website pages.