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416.2TWh: that’s the electricity consumed by the Internet in a year. If it were a country, it would rank as the third-largest consumer in the world.

As a consultant, you have the responsibility to guide companies towards success, and Karma Metrix is a tool that can make a difference in your consultancy. Offer your clients a new method for energy efficiency in their digital channels. Karma Metrix is the tool that measures the CO2e production of web pages.


Identification of Opportunities

With Karma Metrix, you can identify growth opportunities related to sustainability for your clients. These opportunities may include new markets, strategic partnerships, and innovative communication approaches.

Added value

Karma Metrix is an essential ally for business consultants looking to provide high-value consultancy services. Make the most of Karma Metrix to guide companies towards a more sustainable and responsible future, demonstrating your commitment to steering them towards sustainable success.


Karma Metrix aids in the energy efficiency of websites, which can result in savings of up to 10% in website-related cloud costs. Help your clients save money while also assisting them in achieving a more comprehensive approach to sustainability

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