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Every gigabyte on the Internet is responsible for emitting 28-63 grams of CO2, and according to a study by the Royal Society reported by the World Economic Forum, the digital sector accounts for 3.7% of global emissions.

As an ESG manager within your company, your role is crucial in ensuring that the company engages in sustainable and responsible practices. In this context, Karma Metrix proves to be an essential tool for the success of your work and for contributing to the positive evolution of your company. Karma Metrix is, in fact, the tool that measures and reduces the carbon dioxide production of web pages.


ESG Impact Assessment

Karma Metrix measures the CO2e emissions of your website. We align with the GRI 305 Emissions and GHG Protocol standards, which means you’ll have readily available data to be included in your sustainability report.

Opportunities for Improvement

Our audit allows you to identify areas for improvement, enabling you to deliver tangible results that demonstrate your company’s commitment to achieving sustainable development goals.

Effective Communication

Transparent and accurate communication of the company’s ESG commitment is crucial for engaging stakeholders. Karma Metrix provides you with a solid foundation for communicating a relatively unknown aspect: digital sustainability.

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