UnipolSai, one of Italy’s leading insurance companies, recently won a prestigious accolade at the Innovation Insurance Awards, taking the podium thanks to its commitment to digital sustainability with Karma Metrix.

The Innovation Insurance Awards is an initiative organised by Qorus and Accenture that honours the best ideas and practices worldwide that are changing the insurance industry in a positive way for both insurance companies and customers.

In an event involving 350 participants from 43 different countries, UnipolSai won third place in the ‘Sustainability and Digital Innovation’ category thanks to its transformation towards energy-efficient digital channels. This achievement was made possible by the start of its digital sustainability journey with Karma Metrix.

UnipolSai’s journey with Karma Metrix

The company’s journey towards digital sustainability began with an in-depth analysis of its public websites, aiming to identify areas for improvement and effective solutions to reduce CO2 emissions.

Through the application of the Digital Green Index and the use of the Karma Metrix algorithm, UnipolSai was able to estimate the efficiency of its digital channels and implement optimal solutions to reduce environmental impact.

Thanks to this commitment, the company has achieved significant results in improving the energy performance of its websites and apps, helping to reduce CO2 emissions and promote a sustainability-oriented corporate culture.

UnipolSai awarded among the most innovative companies in sustainability

UnipolSai’s inclusion among the winners of the Innovation Insurance Awards is tangible confirmation of the success of its journey towards responsible digital sustainability. The company stands out as one of the first Italian insurance companies to take a proactive approach to tackling digital pollution and to promote the adoption of energy-efficient digital channels.

This achievement represents an important milestone for UnipolSai and demonstrates its commitment to providing quality services to its customers while ensuring a reduced environmental impact.

Innovation and digital sustainability

UnipolSai continues to be a benchmark in the Italian insurance industry, demonstrating that innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand, benefiting both the company and the environment.

In the future, UnipolSai will continue to lead the Italian insurance industry towards digital sustainability, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve commercial success and protect the environment through conscious and innovative choices.

With this important recognition at the Innovation Insurance Awards, UnipolSai confirms its commitment to being a leader in digital sustainability and inspires other companies to take a responsible approach to digital transformation, thus helping to build a more sustainable future for all.

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