November 15, 2022

Qatar 2022 World Cup: Brazil champion of digital sustainability

The research by reveals the CO2 of national team websites at the World Cup: Brazil 1st for digital sustainability. England is only 23th. Milan, November 16, 2022 – Who will win the 2022 World Cup? For now, we don’t know, but from the web sustainability point of view, the digital sustainability soccer world cup...

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October 27, 2022

What is Corporate Digital Responsibility?

Corporate Digital Responsibility or CDR is a brand new and relatively unexplored sub branch of Corporate Social Responsibility. Schwartz & Carroll (2003) define Corporate Digital Responsibility as the “set of shared values and norms guiding an organization’s operations with respect to the creation and operation of digital technology and data”. In other words, CDR is...

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September 23, 2022

What is the Internet Carbon Footprint?

The Internet has transformed and revolutionized modern-day society. Today, you can virtually access any piece of information you want, communicate and interact with people from the other side of the planet or perform daily work tasks without even having to leave your room. But what about the impact it has caused to our habits? Since...

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September 7, 2022

Valentino with Karma Metrix to make websites more sustainable

The Maison is the first luxury brand committed to reducing the CO2 emissions of its website thanks to the partnership with Karma Metrix. In 2022, Valentino started helping the web to be more eco-sustainable: the famous Luxury Brand relied on Karma Metrix to calculate the carbon footprint of its website and to implement actions that...

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July 1, 2022

Sustainable packaging: towards greener logistics

Sustainability and environmental respect have become two fundamental issues for companies. Today’s consumers are increasingly sensitive to these topics and expect that companies take their responsibilities about ecology (and on this point marketing can make the difference in promoting a sustainable behavior). In fact, a great amount of businesses on the market are (fortunately) taking...

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